Our services

drop a message to us if you need our services using whatsapp at:+371 21829841 or email: contants@gaitangproductions.com


Buy fake and real passports online purchase registered and unregistered passport of many countries, use high quality equipment and materials to produce authentic and fake passports. and register for we work with grate IT technician and with many government official which make it easy to register passport.


if you are living in a country and have problem of doing certain transaction or your document are expired just drop us a message and have an identity card in which you can carry out your transaction without any problem 100% success

Driving license

we issue driving license with high quality just as the real but please because we care about lives, we will issue this if only you have some prove of driving already


we over real and register visa with but we cover just few country since we work with some government agent to register the visa and high IT technician with country which have low level security in Europe. so all our visa productions are registers and can be use confidentially.


Are you having problem having a job because of low grade? or lack of qualification? or can't you continue studies because of lack of qualification? if yes then drop your contact and within 7 days, you will be having the educational qualification.

Other document

we produce many other document including married certificate, also print invitation card, and many other document just drop your need and if we are able to proceed it, we let you know if not we can redirect you to another partner